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Who We Are


Grass is Browner LLC’s Founder, Jon Markwardt, is an author, speaker, and traveling businessman at heart. Determined to prove that business is in everything we do, Jon travels to write and share his own adventures as business principles. 


His title for his books claim the Grass Is Browner. This mantra on life encourages everyone to enjoy their current moment as all they have. By watering your lawn, you can have the greenest grass on the block. While some situations inevitably require some to change their yard, this philosophy is a push to encourage all to make the most of their position. 

Jon refers to the Grass Is Greener problem as an epidemic, particularly with our millennial generation. While the days of “hire to retire” are long gone, Jon believes there is inherent value to spending a minimum of one year with each company you work for. He believes there is great reward to planting your feet until you achieve elite success within your organization as he coaches you to do just that. “If you are constantly moving to a new opportunity, you’ll never be able to show anyone what you can do—most importantly yourself.”

Grass is Browner LLC was founded with the focus of helping people grow their careers within their current opportunity. While society continues to feed us the belief that each individual is in need of a quick upgrade, there is inherent value to providing yourself with the upgrade you are looking for. Whether it be through one of Jon’s books or speaking engagements, you’ll find that the upgrade you are seeking is within your reach. Jon will encourage you to have the attitude of a champion as you cultivate yourself to elite status and have the greenest grass on the block.

Need more details? 

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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