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Keynote Speaker

Growing Within Your Company

Whether you are in sales, service, management or trying to figure out what’s next in your career, this presentation teaches you how to embrace and grow your career within your current company. Jon concentrates on his 4 As in this presentation: accountability, activity, attitude and (being) awesome!


Referral-Based Selling

Learn the 7 steps that elite sales professionals use to establish referral relationships. Jon teaches you how to grow a referral army that works for you. You’ll effectively learn how and why the top 1% of your sales organization use referral-based selling.


Elite Sales Practices

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Jon’s presentation on elite sales practices hits on everything from dialing the phone to networking like a champion. Elite sales professionals operate on a different level, and so does this presentation. This is a no-nonsense, no excuses approach to getting the job done—the elite way. Jon provides nuggets of wisdom by sharing his strategies and tactics for sales acceleration. If you’re ready to propel your sales division forward, this is the presentation for you.


Elite Leadership Skills

Jon’s course on leadership addresses the fastest way to grow your company: with your people. Growing your leadership team will provide substantially more growth to your company than any other avenue. For a company, there is no greater investment than investing in your people. This seminar features a full tutorial on his Leadership Wheel pictured below. Your leaders will be running back to their teams to coach their people to the next level.


Please note that each presentation is offered as a keynote, a break-out session, and a workshop. All presentations are customized to meet your company’s requests and needs. For information on booking along with a price quote, please email us at

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