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This is anything but your average guide to becoming an elite sales professional. Not only will it show you—not just tell you—how to use the best practices of the elite to further your career, but there are also enticing anecdotes of author, Jon Markwardt’s, journey through the island of Cyprus that show how sales is in everything we do.  You’ll find fun and useful word tracks for you to implement, and, most importantly, authentic advice on the importance of watering and caring for your current position (your virtual “green grass”).  The Grass Is Browner on the Other Side will plant you permanently on the enviable side of the fence!


No one is born a leader. They grow from their commitment to education and advancement. But the endless library of leadership books supplies countless directions to perform among the elite. 

Jon Markwardt provides a direct approach on elite leadership. Summarized in a simple graphic, Markwardt's Wheel of Leadership narrates his story to detail, exactly, what is required to raise your team to top of the mountain. Simply by reading and understanding the Leadership Wheel, you will finally know what it takes to manage a dominant team. 

Join Jon as he travels through twelve countries, interviews three elite leaders and meets his future wife along the way. Captivating stories, travel analogies and proven business concepts combine for a guidebook to leadership that is informative and entertaining.

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