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Praise for Grass is Browner

Markwardt's leadership resembles a coach who can push an elite athlete to the peak of their game. He details all of his insights through this guidebook to grow leaders. His concepts told through the Leadership Wheel provide a road map to success for everyone at any level of their career."

Bill Schuffenhauer

2002 Olympic Silver Medalist, Motivational Speaker, Small Business Owner

There is a reason why elite athletes still need to report for training camp before each season. They need ongoing reinforcement of the very fundamentals that make them successful, while adding updates to their playbook to stay current with new trends. The Grass is Browner on the Other Side is the elite sales professional’s playbook for today. This book will provide sales professionals with fundamentals and updates to elevate their sales careers to new heights."

Tom Zgainer

CEO, America's Best 401k

In a sea of drab and monotonous leadership books, Markwardt's story is one that will not only catapult your leadership skills to the next level but entertain you at the same time."

Justin Volrath

SVP of Sales at Beyond Payments

In an age of ever increasing fickleness and lack of focus, The Grass is Browner on the Other Side is a timely journey that brings us back to the fundamental path to becoming an elite salesperson. Jon Markwardt is a powerhouse salesperson and a world-class sales leader. He is able to combine real-world business experience with an inspiring travel tale to show us there are lessons around us everyday; whether at our desks or jumping off cliffs. This is a book that every salesperson should have on their shelf."

Steven Weidman

SVP of Sales at Zozi

Markwardt provides concrete strategies on how to create a vision and associated tactics on engaging and enrolling a team, all the while cleverly wrapped in an on-the-road travelogue. This is a must-read for all managers."

Pat Helmers

Host of the Sales Babble Podcast

The Grass Is Browner on the Other Side is a must-read for all entrepreneurs. First and foremost, successful entrepreneurs are proficient in sales. Unfortunately, many of them don't realize this until their business is starting to fail. This book will entertain and explain how to sell your company and yourself at an elite level.”

David Wyman, PhD

Director, Center of Entrepreneurship College of Charleston

Whether your goal is to be the top agent in Real Estate sales or to climb Mount Everest, The Grass is Browner on the Other Side Sales Edition will encourage you to keep your chin up and amplify all of the opportunities around you. Cheers to Jon for penning a positive guide to becoming your best-selling self.”

April Kelly

Entrepreneur, Author of Gratitude at Work and Spaghetti on the Wall

The Grass is Browner on the Other Side is an absolute must-read for anyone in Sales. This book is told in a unique and engaging way, providing strong applications to key sales methodologies that will elevate any sales professional to new levels of success. As the lead trainer of a large company, I'd highly recommend this book to anyone in and outside our organization."

Tom Riley

Senior Manager of Training, Fortune 1000 Company

This is not your average business book. Markwardt teaches leadership concepts while taking you on a travel adventure. The end result is not only entertaining but the ultimate playbook to develop leaders to the highest level."

Ryan Thorne

Senior Sales Leader, Fortune 1000 Company

The Grass Is Browner on the Other Side provides a valuable roadmap for elite sales growth for individual producers and team leaders alike. Jon Markwardt sheds light on how to grow the grass beneath your feet in ground-breaking style!"

David O'Day

VP of Sales, Heartland Payment Systems

If you want successful transformation in business and in life, The Grass is Browner on the Other Side Sales Edition teaches us that success is an inside job. You will learn to improve your mindset, develop your skillset, and be given the right tools to propel you towards your dreams, aspirations, and goals. Jon will help you get there faster and better than anyone I know."

Miguel A. de Jesus

Western Area VP Sales & Regional Manager Paychex, Inc. (Retired), Speaker, Author, Coach, Transformational Change Agent & Facilitator, Instructor of Emotional Intelligence

I've worked for Jon at two different Fortune 1000 companies. His book portrays sales concepts in an entertaining fashion that have become a part of my day-to-day business and have dramatically affected my career. I'm honored to be one of his many success stories!"

Crystal Cozad

Sales Professional, Fortune 1000 Company

There are no bigger sales calls than those made by police officers. I know this well and was able to relate to having a sales position by reading this book. During this time in America, The Grass is Browner on the Other Side should be a must read for everyone wearing the blue."

Brendan Bligh

Police Officer

I was able to identify with numerous concepts in this book (Sales Edition) that are already assisting me in my profession. As a pediatric ICU nurse, I am constantly having to sell parents on trusting me with the care of their child. I am grateful that this book has taught me new ways to improve my ability to make this sale, which in turn improves the care of the child and the well-being of the parents."

Jessica Montgomery

Registered Nurse

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