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Jon Markwardt is the author of the series, The Grass Is Browner on the Other Side. The title for his books claim the Grass Is Browner. His mantra on life encourages everyone to enjoy their current moment as all they have. He believes by watering your lawn, you can have the greenest grass on the block.

Markwardt provides insight into business concepts through his own adventure and travel. In his Leadership Edition, he travels through twelve countries, interviews three elite leaders and meets his future wife along the way. While in his Sales Edition, Markwardt provides insight to proven sales concepts by jumping off cliffs during his explorations on the island of Cyprus. Captivating stories, travel analogies and proven business concepts combine to create a learning opportunity that is both informative and entertaining.

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Jon will provide an engaging keynote customized for your company. All talks migrate to the unusual with stories to engage the audience that fall all over the map. Jon will interview a minimum of two executives from your company in order to incorporate company concepts and culture into his presentation. Whether you are looking to provide a dynamic training to invigorate your organization or simply promote a culture of investing in the retention of your employees and their growth, Jon will deliver the impact and results you are looking for.

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